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Japanese Traditional Swordsmanship Arts

Centering on the Nenryu-Mitsuki-ha, we practice various traditional martial arts including Kenjutsu(swordsmanship art), Jujutsu(classical martial art), Soujutu(art of spearmanship),
Naginata(art of Japanese halberd) and so on.
The Nenryu School is mainly based on Kenjutsu but, it is a flexible and reasonable system
as saying "Kenjutsu with a sword and Kenpou (martial art) without sword."
A beginner enters from the form-making for body training and advances to skill learning
and mastering various applications.
In principle. it is practical as a traditional martial art, but at the same time,it is effective in
the various aspects, such as the promotion of health, reducing stress, etc.
As the carriculum is well devised so that even a beginner can start easily, please feel free to
contact us for visiting, taking a trial training, etc.
e welcome to teach foreign studetns depending on a case-by-case basis.
Please ask us through the inquiry form.