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Chinese Martial Arts, Baguazhang
Baguazhang is the relatively new school established in the period of Chinese Qing Dynasty.
Since its style appears like dragons flying up through the break of clouds, it is called as the dragon Baguazhang.
As it appears soft and flexible at a glance, it is so called as 'Juken'.
But, the both strong fighting sprit and soft fighting spirt are contained internally.
It is the powerful martial art like a cyclone at the time of quick moving and a violent wind at the time of stepping forward.
The training begins from walking around the circle of the shoulder length at a fixed pace.
In addition to the ordinary martial art training, we have our unique training, such as internal training and Qigong training, etc.
Needless to say, we exercise a general showdown with an opponent. But, the core points are harmonization of the consciousness and the body as well as integration with universe through the reasonable movement.
The 'Touro' movement (continuous martial movement) can be utilized in your daily life.
Your usual body moving becomes quicker.
If you are assaulted or at the time of emergency, the body and subconciousness respond quickly and naturally to repel the enemy for the protection of the body.
Since Dong Haichuan, the founder of Baguazhang, was the guardian president for the emperor of Qing Dynasty, The art of Baguazhang is originally provided with suitable properties for protection and bodyguard.
In other words, it is the supreme martial art as bodyguard and self-defense techniques.